Number the Stars Book Club

  • How do difficult experiences shape us as human beings?
  • What privileges do I have that others don’t?
  • Do all people have the same rights?
  • Can words about identity hurt people?
  • What clues help me know when and how people are being treated unfairly?
  • How is my life easier or more difficult based on who I am and where I was born?
  • Grade Level
    Reading & Language Arts
    Social Justice Domains

    Uncovering The Voice

  • What do you cover? What have you covered in the past, but revealed over time?
  • What is a memory of a time you covered and benefited from it?
  • What have you lost from covering over a long period of time?
  • How do your intersecting identities shape your perspective and the way you experience the world?
  • How do power and privilege change the way you express and present yourself?
  • Grade Level
    Social Justice Domains