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When Systems Cause Trauma

This week, police body camera video was released showing a 6-year-old pulled from her classroom and arrested. In September, when this event occurred, we shared resources about ending traumatic practices that hurt students of color. With this back in the news, we’re focusing on systems that disproportionately harm students of color and offering resources to help disrupt those systems. We hope you’ll read, share and do the same.

Black History Month: Honoring the History of Black Civic Engagement

The official theme of Black History Month 2020 is “African Americans and the Vote.” Black changemakers and activists have been fighting for equal rights since before our nation began. This week, we’ll be sharing resources on the history of Black civic engagement and the continuing fight for full equality under the law.

Black History Month: Celebrating African American Literature

This Black History Month, we’re encouraging educators to celebrate the history of Black achievement, joy and creativity. This week, to support that work, we’ll be sharing resources for exploring the rich tradition of African American literature with students in your classroom.

Black History Month: Celebrating the Diversity of Black Identity

Racial oppression plays a significant part in American history, and it’s critical our students learn about it. But this February, we're encouraging educators to reflect on their own practice and ensure that the Black history they’re teaching—this month and year-round—isn’t limited to narratives of trauma. To support that learning, this week we’ll be sharing some of our favorite resources for celebrating the diversity of Black history, identity and experience.

Responding to Hate in Your School Community

This week, national media reported on a Michigan school community meeting when, during a discussion of racism in schools, one parent asked another, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” We stand with those in Michigan demanding better, and we know students and families are faced with racism and other forms of hate in school communities across the nation. Here’s how educators can help create safer, more inclusive school climates and support students and families.