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Honoring Asian American and Pacific Islander Identities

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month is celebrated during May, offering a timely reminder of why and how educators should be honoring AAPI history and identity all year long. These resources debunk the model minority myth, explain the Hawaiian concept of aloha, challenge the erasure of Sikh Americans and more.

Talking With Students About #JusticeForLucca

The news—and disturbing footage—of police officers assaulting an unarmed black teenager in Florida last week shines yet another spotlight on the dangers black youth face every day. Your students have likely seen the video and conversation surrounding #JusticeForLucca. These resources will help you understand how this violent footage can affect students, how to discuss this news with them and how you can bring #BlackLivesMatter into your classroom.

Twenty Years After Columbine

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. As this week’s threats on Denver schools make clear, the history of this shooting—and those that followed—affects all students, not just survivors. In this edition of The Moment, we share a teacher’s reflection on what it means to educate under the threat of violence, an interview with a survivor who has translated her grief into action and recommendations for recognizing and addressing trauma in your classroom.

Teaching and Learning About Reconstruction

The PBS series Reconstruction: America After the Civil War has viewers across the country learning and talking about this critical period in U.S. history. These resources offer ways for educators to carry the lessons of Reconstruction into their schools and communities and a reminder of why we must be honest with students about the hard history of American slavery.

Tackling the Stress of Testing Season

For many of our students, academic preparation isn't enough to ensure a smooth testing season. In this edition of The Moment, we offer tips for dealing with this stressful time of year—including resources for understanding and countering stereotype threat and affirming all your students.