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Teaching the Life and Legacy of MLK

Schools across the country are preparing to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The resources in this edition of The Moment will help you teach beyond the simplified story and help your students learn about this civil rights leader's life and legacy.

Shutting Down Immigration Myths

News right now is dominated by rhetoric that casts immigrants as dangerous and is likely leaving Americans of many identities, including some of your students, feeling fearful and angry. Today, consider using these resources to teach your students about the long legacy of mistrust and discrimination immigrants from many countries have endured and how we can all use our voices to resist myths and misinformation.

Setting Up for Success After Winter Break

Returning from winter break is a great opportunity to start fresh when it comes to classroom climate, approaches to discipline and post-break banter. In this edition of The Moment, we offer strategies on each of these topics and more.

Winter Break Self-care

We know many of you will spend winter break reflecting on your work this fall and planning for the spring. But we hope you'll take some time for yourself, as well. These TT resources offer recommendations for preventing, recognizing and addressing teacher burnout so you can bring your best self back to your students in the new year.

Fighting Hate at Schools

For more than a year, TT has been tracking media reports of hate incidents in schools across the country. One thing we've discovered: Only a fraction of the incidents that happen actually make it into the news. This edition of The Moment includes a link to our educator survey so you can help us compile a more complete picture of how hate shows up at school. You'll also find our November Hate at Schools report, along with our guide Responding to Hate and Bias.