Building Your Mix It Up Team


You can’t—and shouldn’t—plan Mix It Up at Lunch Day alone. Allies are essential.

Sympathetic colleagues are a good place to start. In the spirit of Mix It Up, we ask you to look beyond the “usual suspects.” Build bridges with teachers at other grade levels and in other subject areas or departments. Include administrators and, with the lunch-focused activities in mind, cafeteria workers.

Here are some helpful hints for getting started:

  • Invite four people to lunch—two teachers in departments or grade levels other than your own, one administrator and someone from the cafeteria.
  • Meet where you can talk without distraction.
  • Keep it a bit of a mystery. (“I have an idea I want to talk to you about. Can you come to lunch with me to discuss it?”)
  • At the lunch, use Mix It Up icebreakers to get the group comfortable with each other.
  • Then announce, “We’ve just done what I hope our whole school will do in October!”
  • Offer background about Mix It Up at Lunch Day, set for Oct. 29.
  • Then ask each of them to commit some time and energy to helping you make this year’s Mix It Up at Lunch happen. This can be your core group.

You can throw your net even wider. What about the PTA and parents organizations? Community groups that intersect with your school? A robust group of organizers can be a powerful force.

Student involvement is also essential to Mix It Up success. We’ll be sending thoughts on that topic next week.

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is Oct. 29!

Questions about Mix It Up? Ideas for Mix It Up organizers at other schools? Other thoughts? We welcome feedback—and can respond to questions—on Facebook or Twitter. You can also browse our free Mix It Up resources online.