Professional Development

Looking for inspiration and support? Teaching Tolerance provides educational materials—from articles that make you think to presentations you can share. These resources are designed to help teachers improve their practice and turn K-12 schools into strong communities that welcome diversity, giving all students an opportunity to learn.


Religious Diversity in the Classroom: What’s Law got to do with it?

What do you say when one of your students ask questions about religion? Are you confused about when and how it’s legal to talk about religion in your classroom?


You are not alone.

The December Dilemma

The diverse holidays of the world present great teachable moments. Teaching Tolerance and Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding have teamed up to help teachers capitalize on these moments while recognizing and addressing the...

2012 Teaching Tolerance Award Winners

Every year, Teaching Tolerance hears from teachers who are going the extra mile to support students from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. These teachers deserve to be recognized—which is why we created the Teaching Tolerance Award...

Bullying Basics

When nearly one in five students is bullied each year, it’s no wonder the topic is on educators’ minds. Teachers want to make their classrooms safe, supportive learning environments. Administrators want positive school climates. Both are looking...

How to Implement 'Speak Up At School'

Here are activities designed for educators implementing the strategies presented in Speak Up At School to create a safe school climate.

Ten Steps to Implementing a Teacher Team Initiative at Your School

Use professional learning teams in which small groups of teachers meet regularly during the school day to focus on student needs and solutions.

Teacher Perception Tool

Background, life experiences, personal biases and cultural stereotypes can influence how we perceive others. The Teacher Perception Tool encourages teachers to examine their own perceptions.

School Climate

A positive school climate promotes student learning and development. A school community where everyone feels safe, respected and engaged prepares children for life in a diverse and democratic society.

Classroom Strategies

Effective teachers need an arsenal of strategies for instruction and classroom management. Use the simple tools and approaches below to create a more inclusive environment that promotes student learning

Reflective Teaching

Self-reflection is crucial to both teaching and learning. These self-directed activities and readings will help you explore, refine and improve your classroom methods.