More Mix It Up Days Ahead

By now, you’re well under way to having a great Mix It Up at Lunch Day. It’s a good time to starting thinking about what happens beyond the Oct. 30.

In the decade since Teaching Tolerance launched the Mix It Up at Lunch campaign, we’ve learned that the power of Mix It Up deepens if two or more additional events reinforce the message during the school year.

An easy approach is simply to plan two additional Mix It Up at Lunch Days – one in the winter and another in the spring. Build on the success of the first, expand the planning group, change up the questions, and challenge students to mix things up even more.

Another approach is to use Mix It Up boundary-crossing strategies with other tolerance  campaigns on specific dates (or weeks) later in the year. No-Name Calling Week is one such opportunity.

Right now, this week, it might make sense to create a subgroup of your planning team to start developing ways to have Mix-related events throughout the year. They can check out our Model Schools for ideas, or brainstorm their own. Then, a week or two after Mix It Up at Lunch Day, the larger group can meet to discuss the proposed ideas and determine a plan for the rest of the year.

The bottom line is clear: Don’t lose the momentum of Mix. Keep the spirit flowing all through the year.

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is Oct. 30!

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