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Number 48: Fall 2014

Cover art by Mark Smith

Lunch should be a time for kids to unwind and recharge--not to feel stigmatized for their socioeconomic status. Subscribe now to get Teaching Tolerance on your iPad.

Number 47: Summer 2014

Illustration by Sean McCabe

Want to get kids excited about social justice? Documentary films can expose students to the world—and inspire them to change it. Subscribe now to get Teaching Tolerance on your iPad.

Number 46: Spring 2014

Illustration by Aude van Ryn

Predatory lending leaves our most vulnerable students in debt with no degree. You can help them avoid the pitfalls. Subscribe now to get Teaching Tolerance on your iPad, or download the PDF version here.

Number 45: Fall 2013

Cover art by Scott Bakal

Bullying is a behavior, and it can be changed. In this issue, Teaching Tolerance offers strategies for helping students who bully find a better way. Download the PDF version here.

Number 44: Summer 2013

Cover art by Michael Morgenstern

Teaching Tolerance examines the unique—and crucial—role teachers have in helping students understand and cope when tragic events occur.

Number 43: Spring 2013

Cover art by Chris Buzelli

Teaching Tolerance examines how teachers can recognize and dismantle policies and practices that favor incarceration over education. Download the PDF version here.

Number 42: Fall 2012

Cover art by David Vogin

Teaching Tolerance focuses on how educators can observe the upcoming 50th anniversaries of important events in the civil rights movement. Download the PDF version here.

Number 40: Fall 2011

Cover art by Joe McKendry

The 20th-anniversary issue covers ways to make physical education classes more inclusive. James W. Loewen writes about the real causes of the Civil War. This issue also offers tips on defending arts education and discusses the growth in secular student clubs. Download the PDF version here.