Number 45: Fall 2013

Cover art by Scott Bakal

Bullying is a behavior, and it can be changed. In this issue, Teaching Tolerance offers strategies for helping students who bully find a better way. Download the PDF version here.


Serving the Broad Spectrum of Students

Jeffrey Farley prizes students who might slip through the system otherwise.

Fight for Every Child

Connecting teachers and families is a high priority for Julia Zigarelli.

Letters to the Editor

Reader responses to Teaching Tolerance articles and resources.


Find out what's happening in the world of anti-bias education.

Lessons Learned

Here are four of the most-visited lessons in recent months.

Ask Teaching Tolerance

Answers to your toughest social justice questions.

The Leaf Rakers

When a neighbor makes a racist comment, Annie and Beth must find the courage to speak up.

What We’re Reading

The latest in culturally aware literature and resources for teachers of all grades.

Feature Articles

Planning for Equity

Practical Resources to Help You Teach Tolerance All Year Long

The Sikh and the Skinhead

An unusual duo fights hate in the classroom.

Twice the Distance

First-In-Family Immigrant Students Face a Double Challenge When Applying to Colleges.

This School Welcomes You

Best Practices // Creating an LGBT-Inclusive School Climate

Bring it Home

Building Support for LGBT Students in the South

There Are No Bullies

Just Children Who Bully—And You Can Help Them

Is My School Racist?

Institutional racism can be hard to spot. Try our strategies for sniffing it out.

You Belong Here

Creating a welcoming environment for teachers of color is key to narrowing the student-teacher diversity gap.

The Shame Game

Dispelling stigma allows young people to get the mental health support they need.

Lessons of 1964: The Movement Continues

This year's civil rights anniversaries can be a call to action.

The Incredible True Story

The Common Core elevates nonfiction—and that's a good thing!