Developing Empathy: High School



Submitted by Anonymous on 23 October 2013 - 7:55pm.

don't some of these issues make you wonder what exactly parents are supposed to teach their children these days? developmental experts indicate that the primary ages for empathy awareness are 0-6. I've been in psychology and education for a combination of 40 years and I know that teachers cannot possibly do all the things that learning theories and parental (read voter) demands say we must. Our children are going to make us stand and deliver on all these issues one day and demand to know why they were not prepared for life with each other.

Empathy is social studies

Submitted by Anonymous on 25 August 2014 - 1:48pm.

I believe that regardless of upbringing, teenagers could still use lessons on empathy. They wouldn't be teenagers, otherwise.

But as a social studies teacher, it's becoming the gateway to learning about cultures.

Still needed

Submitted by Anonymous on 23 October 2014 - 5:50pm.

Some of my students who I am sure were taught empathy as young children still do not apply it to all situation. I agree that teenagers need to be reminded to explicitly think about the way their behavior impacts others in many situations.

Also, doing group activities to promote empathy can help fill the gaps--let the students interact and help teach each other! Some of my students are very empathetic, others not at all. It may seem like an innate behavior, but it can be learned, and sometimes needs to be.


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It always comes back to the parents. We can supplement parental efforts, and certainly we can enlighten some of our students, but in most situations, parents and peers are the most important people in children's lives. America has some serious societal problems. We teachers have an important, major role to play, but so do parents, public figures (politicians, sports figures), and the media.

Many parents feel alienated from the schools--especially high schools. That is one place where we can work to foster parent involvement and concern.

Parent comment

Submitted by Anonymous on 25 October 2014 - 9:36am.

I have 2 teenagers and as a parent, I am a bit distraught at my son's lack of empathy. I am more distraught that I have epic failed to teach it to him. In retrospect, when we see people in certain situations, I tend to comment on the situation and foolish actions but never on how the person feels. I'm not sure at this point how to instill empathy in my children. It's never too late but wow, I definitely lost the best opportunity to teach it when they were young and easier to teach. We are very conscientious parents but in the midst of concerns about academics, chores, electronics, sports and whatever else, we have lost sight of the most important aspects of the lessons of life.... There are so much resources and focus on all these other things and very little focus on social behavior.
We forget, until one day, the lack of empathy screams so loud, we have to take notice. By then... it feels like anything you do is a bit too little too late.
By the way, it's always the parents....

"Query" -- Agreed.

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"Query" -- Agreed.