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Submitted by Anonymous on 21 March 2014 - 9:34am. is an online forum aimed at educating, advising, counselling and all importantly, helping to stop bullying, in particular, cyber bullying.

Although we at work closely with and are delighted to gain the insight of many professionals including psychologists, teachers and other experts, we really cherish the input and experiences of parents and children of all ages, on this topic.

Bullying of the teacher who tried to stop bullying

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As a civics teacher for many years I grew weary of other teachers telling me not to say anything or I would get into trouble. After the first suicide from bullying occurred at our school I had enough. Since my advocacy began, 3 more students in our school system have committed bully-cide. I became a witness for the State and eventually lost my job. It was not enough, they went after my son with HF Asperger. One thing all students that commit suicide they all had non- behavioral Aspergers. I am still fighting today. 7 years...courts, hearings...I need help!

ANTI Bully School Assembly

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Hello, my name is Mike Bogdanski, and I'm a motivational speaker and member of the International Bullying Prevention Association.
For over 15 years, I've been visiting schools across the United States presenting fun and educational character based seminars that encourage respect, self-confidence, courage, and teamwork, in order to reduce or eliminate bullying.
I've taught over 10,000 students how to avoid becoming the target of bullies, while empowering them to help other victims.
Principals, counselors, and teachers alike report that my work in their schools has made an overwhelming difference in encouraging students to speak out against bullying, and the State of Connecticut has even declared a "Mike Bogdanski Day," to recognize my service to youth!

BMX School Assemblies Against Bullying

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The Dialed Action Sports Team performs a powerful message about bullying and why it truly is so bad and how it effects people. We perform BMX stunt shows nation wide to spread awareness of bullying to help put a stop to it. The best part is, is that we do this through our BMX stunt shows on bicycles. If kids see us as role models, then our goal is that hopefully then our anti-bullying message will sink in more. Please visit us on the web for more info. at

another resource

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For information on bullying, also visit

Anti-bullying resource

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Eyes on Bullying
Eyes on Bullying is a national multimedia bullying prevention program designed to help parents, caregivers, and educators use research-based practices to deal effectively with the problems of bullying in the lives of children. The Eyes on Bullying Toolkit provides specific insights, strategies, activities, and resources to address bullying. It is designed especially for caregivers and parents of preschool and school-age children and youth to use in child care programs, afterschool and youth programs, and camps.