Teacher Perception Tool

Image by helgabj

Background, life experiences, personal biases and cultural stereotypes can influence how we perceive others. The Teacher Perception Tool encourages teachers to examine their own perceptions.

Every day, educators make judgments and decisions about students’ academic potential, classroom success and ability to be positive members of the school community. The aim of this tool is to get you thinking about the factors that contribute to your perceptions and judgments.

What influences teachers' perceptions of student potential? How do educators' perception of this potential influence their expectations and student performance? What factors do you consider — consciously or not — when you first encounter a student?

When using the Teacher Perception Tool, you will be asked questions about situations involving students in a school setting. There are no right or wrong answers; please respond as honestly and as quickly as possible.  At the end, we’ll ask for some demographic information that will be used for statistical purposes. The aggregated data may be used for research. Be assured that all responses are confidential.

The Teacher Perception Tool requires registration so that your answers can be displayed for your review at the end of the session. You can retake the tool as often as you like.

To begin using the tool, register or log in here.


For more information, read Social Policy Report Brief: Reducing Prejudice and Promoting Equity in Childhood by Melanie Killen.

For a more in depth discussion of prejudice reduction and promoting equity, read the full Social Policy Report.