Future Voters Project

Welcome to the Future Voters Project! We hope you’ll join us as we work toward our goal of registering all eligible students by the time they graduate high school.

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Sign up to join the Future Voters Project, and we’ll keep you posted as we release news-responsive classroom activities. We’ll let you know as we add resources to our site. And we’ll send you a film kit including a viewer’s guide and DVD of our popular documentary Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot—all free of charge.

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If you’re new to registering future voters, check out these best practices for high school voter registration drives and try these strategies for building your voter registration team. Follow these recommendations to ensure you’re including everyone and no student is excluded or singled out due to eligibility requirements.

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These resources can help you find the state-specific information you’ll need to start registering future voters in your community.

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Teaching Tolerance has grants available to support nonpartisan, school-based voter registration projects. Learn more here.