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The Moment

Emphasizing the value of civil discourse is an important step toward setting the stage for a positive school year. This edition of The Moment gathers articles and teaching resources on how to create an environment where students can discuss difficult topics in a respectful, civil way.

Who Decides What’s “Civil”?

When acts of protest are met with calls for civility, it’s a good idea to give students some historical context about the concept.

Toward a More Civil Discourse

Civil Discourse in the Classroom offers step-by-step lessons for engaging in effective argument on divisive issues.

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Learning Hard History on the Road

Charlottesville residents took to the road this summer to learn how the past can help them construct a more just and peaceful present.
Abolitionists William Still, Sojourner Truth, William Loyd Garrison, unidentified male and female slaves, and Black Union soldiers in front of American flag

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery is a comprehensive guide to teaching this critical topic and to helping students understand how slavery influences us in the present day.

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