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Fighting Hate at Schools

For more than a year, TT has been tracking media reports of hate incidents in schools across the country. One thing we've discovered: Only a fraction of the incidents that happen actually make it into the news. This edition of The Moment includes a link to our educator survey so you can help us compile a more complete picture of how hate shows up at school. You'll also find our November Hate at Schools report, along with our guide Responding to Hate and Bias.

Rethinking Winter Holidays

Many schools enjoy celebrating a non-religious "holiday season" but clearly favor Christmas in their traditions and decor. Moreover, important non-Christian holidays that don't occur in December are often overlooked completely. This edition of The Moment offers resources that can help your school community become more inclusive by reflecting on how and when holidays show up in your hallways, assemblies and classrooms.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

With the news of U.S. Border Patrol officers using tear gas against asylum-seekers in Mexico—affecting, among others, small children—we are reminded of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As its 70th anniversary approaches, we invite you to introduce its depth and relevance to your students with these resources—and to remember its enduring words: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."

The Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards

The Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards allow educators to use backward design when planning lessons and provide a framework for discussing social justice topics at every stage of K-12 instruction. Get to know the anchor standards, grade-level outcomes and the four domains of anti-bias teaching and learning—Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action—with the resources in this edition of The Moment.

National American Indian Heritage Month 2018

November is National American Indian Heritage Month! In this edition of The Moment, you'll find resources and recommendations that can help ensure Native histories and experiences are respected and represented in your classroom.