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Advocating for Undocumented Youth

With conditions at detention centers and plans for more ICE raids in the news, it’s easy to feel hopeless. But, as educators, you have more power than you may realize. These resources outline practical steps you can take today to interrupt the school-to-deportation pipeline and support undocumented students and their families.

Police Violence in the News

Released video footage of police officers drawing guns on a young black family in Phoenix illustrates the threat of police violence and bias that black Americans live with—regardless of age. These resources can help you affirm that black lives matter, teach the roots of this violence and counter silence on this issue with productive conversations.

Celebrate Juneteenth!

Juneteenth—celebrated across the country on June 19—marks an important milestone in the struggle for freedom. But the lessons of this holiday can and should be taught year-round. Use these resources to learn more about Juneteenth, get ideas for sharing it with students and contextualize it within American history.

Protecting Undocumented Students

This week, a Texas teacher made news by tweeting President Trump to ask for help “actively investigating and removing” undocumented students from her district. In the face of this stark reminder of the hostility undocumented children face even from those charged with their care, we’re sharing our best resources for supporting and protecting undocumented students. We hope you’ll use and share them, and that you’ll continue to stand up for all of the young people in your schools.

Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month

LGBTQ Pride Month starts Saturday, and we're excited to honor it with some of our favorite resources! In this edition of The Moment, you'll find a history of the Stonewall Uprising that you can use to teach the fight for LGBTQ equality alongside other civil rights movements. We're also including our extensive guide for serving LGBTQ students. And we extend a heartfelt reminder that we see you standing up for your students every day—and we appreciate you.