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Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

What we don’t know about American slavery hurts us all. From Teaching Tolerance and host Hasan Jeffries, Teaching Hard History brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of leading scholars and educators. It’s good advice for teachers, good information for everybody.

Queer America

Without LGBTQ history, there is no American history. From Teaching Tolerance and hosts Leila Rupp and John D'Emilio, Queer America takes listeners on a journey that spans from Harlem to the Frontier West, revealing stories of LGBTQ life that belong in our consciousness and in our classrooms.

The Mind Online

Through conversations with teachers, librarians, scholars and reporters, host and TT Managing Editor Monita Bell explores the critical aspects of digital literacy that shape how we create and consume content online. Discover what educators and students alike need to know—and how we can all become safer, better informed digital citizens.

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Illustration by Jonathan Reinfurt