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Educators and Their #Community: Finding Solidarity on Social Media

How social justice educators are using social media to find support, a platform and PD.

Lies My Bookshelf Told Me: Slavery in Children’s Literature

Children’s books are a common way to introduce the topic of slavery to our youngest students. But what do we do when the stories get it wrong?

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

In this elementary, classroom-level project, students research the policy positions of elected officials at all levels to create a PSA encouraging voter participation.

Special Report: Hate at School

Teaching Tolerance and the SPLC have released a new report on hate and bias in U.S. schools. The findings are grim, but schools, communities and elected officials can work together to change that.

Meet Our Advisory Board!

We’re proud to introduce the educators who will serve on the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board for the next two years.