Understanding Identity

  • How am I the same as other people? How am I different from other people?
  • What are the differences between how I live and how others live?
  • Can people who share my identity still be different from me?
  • I can statements:
  • I can determine similarities and differences between myself and others.
  • I can understand aspects of identity.
  • I can understand the importance of differences.
  • Standard: Social Studies Grade 2 1c. Examine how individual rights are protected within a community.
  • Standard: ELA Grade 2 1c. Determine the relevant connections between:
  • a. text to text (text ideas, including similarities and differences regarding information and relationships in fiction and nonfiction)
  • b. text to world (text ideas regarding experiences in the world)
  • Grade Level
    Reading & Language Arts
    Social Studies
    Social Justice Domains