How Will Your School Mix It Up?

Do you have a creative idea for Mix It Up? Share it! If you still have no idea what you’re going to do yet, don’t panic. The Mix community has you covered.


Mix It Up at Lunch Day is now in its 15th year. And just when we think we’ve seen every possible way to organize this event, schools surprise us with new levels of creativity. We’re sure October 25 will be no exception!

Do you have a creative idea for Mix It Up? Share it! If you still have no idea what you’re going to do yet, don’t panic. You’re part of a community of educators who have lots of experience. Join the conversation! A great place to start is by following Mix on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some time-tested activity suggestions:

  • Have students grab cards pre-marked with letters (or colors or numbers) as they enter the cafeteria and then sit at corresponding tables.
  • Hand out treats (Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, playing cards, etc.) as students arrive, and have them sit at tables designated by treat.
  • Assign tables based on birthday month or season.
  • Assign tables using the first letters of students’ names.
  • Use random hand stamps or raffle tickets (or colored bracelets, buttons, etc.) to assign seats.
  • Use table toppers (favorite college names, sports teams, animals, colors, foods, etc.) and have students choose tables accordingly.

Conversation starters get the ball rolling and help students realize they have more in common than they thought. There are so many topics to choose from (sports, music, movies), or it can be as simple as asking students about their preferences: Coke or Pepsi? Snow or beach? Dogs or cats? Almost any topic can lead students to common ground.

Many schools have used cards from board games as conversation starters. “Would You Rather?” is a clear favorite.

Want to really mix it up? Who says you have to keep it confined to the walls of your own school? Invite nearby schools with higher or lower grade levels. Students will make new friends and meet positive role models—or become role models themselves.    

You can always play traditional games like musical chairs or charades. There are no limits to the possibilities; just look at the various ways our Mix Model Schools celebrated last year. As long as students are interacting with someone new, your event will have a positive impact on your school community.  

For more ideas, watch our Mix coordinator share some creative approaches from schools all over the country. And you can always check out the ideas we provide on our website.

By the way, have you entered the Mix It Up Video Shoot Contest yet? Yours could be one of three schools to be in our short film! The deadline is this Friday, September 30.

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is October 25!

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