Toolkit for "Pink"

This toolkit for “Pink” helps educators raise their self-awareness about biases they hold.

Essential Question

How can I identify the unconscious biases I hold?



In “Pink,” educator Jeremy Knoll reflects on confronting his not-so-hidden gender bias. Knoll provides two examples of such bias: Feeling apprehensive about his 9-year-old son’s interest in playing the flute and saying no when his same son asked for a pink bed.

Knoll writes:

[T]o me, it is important to be honest about the fact that we all hold biases, and that we all must fight to overcome them. Being a teacher gives me an opportunity to be transparent about both of these difficult processes.

Uncovering one’s biases is especially important for educators, like Knoll, who can have a significant impact on their students. Uncover your hidden biases with an online test.

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