What We’re Reading This Week: August 30, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

High Schoolers Are Using TikTok To Organize a Strike in Solidarity With Their Teachers 

Buzzfeed News 

“Anything can go viral, so I was hoping mine would go viral so more people would get informed and want to speak out and get this change the teachers deserve.” 


Why America Needs More Black Male Teachers 


“Black male students benefit from having a Black male teacher, with research noting lower dropout rates, fewer disciplinary issues, more positive views of schooling and better test scores.” 


A Summer Camp With a Long Plan: Keeping Bias Out of Artificial Intelligence 

Education Week 

“I definitely think that having different people in the room will help, because if you're just taking one segment of the population, they are going to be thinking about things relatively the same way.” 


Lunchtime Is so Short in Some Public Schools, Students Are Going Hungry 

The Washington Post 

“[Juliana Cohen’s] research shows that students who get less than 20 minutes for lunch consume significantly less of their meal than children who have more time. At Berkeley, getting through the line takes so long that some students have just four minutes to eat their entire lunch.” 


Teaching America’s Truth 

The Washington Post 

“Misinformation and flawed teaching about America’s ‘original sin’ fills our classrooms from an early age. And yet as issues of race and prejudice and privilege continue to roil America, an understanding of how slavery forged the country seems all the more necessary.”