What We’re Reading This Week: January 24, 2020

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Immigrant Kids Were Restrained to Chairs With Bags Over Their Heads at a Juvenile Hall in Virginia 

Mother Jones 

“The lawsuit argued that the immigrant teens required trauma-informed mental health care, given the hardships they faced fleeing their home countries. But, the suit alleged, they were instead ‘subjected to unconstitutional conditions that shock the conscience,’ including violence by staff, isolation, and excessive use of the restraint chair.” 


The Long War Against Slavery 

The New Yorker 

“[A]bolitionists and slavers alike read the papers anxiously for news of slave revolts, taking stock of where the rebels came from, how adroitly they planned their attacks, how quickly revolts were suppressed, and how soon they broke out again. In a new book, the historian Vincent Brown argues that these rebellions did more to end the slave trade than any actions taken by white abolitionists.” 


Anti-LGBT Florida Schools Getting School Vouchers 

Orlando Sentinel 

“In Florida last year, 156 private Christian schools with these types of anti-gay views educated more than 20,800 students with tuition paid for by state scholarships.” 


How Students Experience and Cope With Racist Stereotypes 


“I can just walk in a room and I’m already being perceived as lower. I feel like I don’t belong in places at certain times.” 


This Teacher Raised Money for 1,000 Books So Her Students Would Learn to Love Reading 

The Washington Post 

“For the most part, Reamer said, she feels well-supported by Alexandria City Public Schools. T.C. Williams boasts a well-stocked library, she said, staffed by knowledgeable librarians — and she knows that is not the case for many schools.”