What We’re Reading This Week: July 19, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Saying Something: Trans Characters in YA Fiction 

Los Angeles Review of Books 

“A lot has changed for trans people in the last 15 years, yet the novels reflect a relatively unified perspective. This unity comes despite their superficial diversity—they are set in quite different places, featuring varying family backgrounds and protagonists with distinct personalities. And yet, after reading only a handful of these books (I’ve now read 12), I could usually predict what would happen next.” 


The Fight for Mauna Kea and the Future of Science  

Massive Science 

“At this moment, we have an opportunity to change the way that we do science. To me, Mauna Kea is a battle for our future. We scientists can change the course of this debate. We can shape the future to make it equitable, to instill it with aloha.” 


The Myth That Busing Failed (Audio) 

The New York Times 

“The first Democratic debate brought renewed attention to busing as a tool of school desegregation. We spoke to a colleague about what the conversation has been missing.” 


How the Stress of Separation and Detention Changes the Lives of Children 

The New Yorker 

“The forced and abrupt separation of children from their parents is a huge psychological trauma and assault. The magnitude of the nature of the crisis for a child’s health and well-being cannot be overstated.” 


Names That Are Unfamiliar to You Aren’t “Hard,” They’re “Unpracticed” 

Teen Vogue 

“Each of us is responsible for speaking our name, and for hearing and saying the names that shape those around us. Our risk-taking is not a weakness, it is a sign of care that enlarges our hearts and elevates the lives of others.”