What We're Reading This Week: June 1, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Colleges Are No Match for American Poverty

The Atlantic

“It is the students in poverty who are taking the biggest gamble. They might be forgoing wages they could earn if they weren’t in class … or even taking out loans … that they will struggle to repay if they end up dropping out. Ending up worse off than when they started is a real possibility.”


Teens Are Cyberbullying Themselves. Why?

Education Week

“These are youth who are knowingly and intentionally posting negative messages about themselves—and reporting that they did so to researchers. We should be deeply concerned that there are young people out there who are struggling and not getting the support that they need.”


OPINION: We’re Not Doing Enough to Support Teachers of Color

The Hechinger Report

“While teachers of color report that they relish the opportunity to use their cultural capital to connect with children of color, these educators express frustration at being pigeon-holed and are regularly asked to take on these additional duties without appropriate compensation, recognition or support.”


For Immigrant Students, a New Worry: A Call to ICE

The New York Times

“Immigrant rights groups point out that the [sensitive locations] designation has not stopped ICE agents from picking up parents as they drop their children off at school, nor has it prevented school disciplinarians from helping to build ICE cases.”


What Adults Never Told Me as a Queer Black Child


“Not one of my teachers ever revealed that queerness was the magic expressing itself in and through my black body, shaping my wishes, and pushing me toward the night.”

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