What We're Reading This Week: June 29, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Antwon Rose's Poem About Growing Up Black in America Has Taken on a Life of Its Own 


"I am not what you think / I am confused and afraid / I wonder what path I will take / I hear that there’s only two ways out / I see mothers bury their sons / I want my mom to never feel that pain." 


Students Get 'Too Little' Civics Teaching, Principals Say 

Education Week 

“I think there’s not enough, and I think there’s not enough of an expectation. I don’t think that the way we talk about education makes it a goal or an expectation that students come out feeling like informed active citizens.” 


The 2020 Census: Do You Know Where the Children Are? 


"If we don’t count the kids facing the greatest obstacles, we essentially make them and their needs invisible—and their future uncertain." 


Launching a National Gun-Control Coalition, the Parkland Teens Meet Chicago’s Young Activists 

The New Yorker 

"We learned more from the Parkland kids about the politics side, whereas they learned more from our point of view about the everyday reality of living in Chicago." 


Making Schools Safer: Harsh Consequences, or Second Chances? 


"What's more important—cold steel or warm hugs? Harsh consequences or second chances? Do we achieve safety and security by making schools harder—or making them softer?" 

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