What We’re Reading This Week: March 13, 2020

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Why Do Schools Hang On to Discriminatory Dress Codes? 

Education Week 

“‘Does the policy in any way serve to police or surveil student bodies?’ …  ‘Does our dress code further marginalize students who are already further marginalized by school culture?’ These are basic questions that need to be on the table before policies even get created.” 


Carrie Ann Lucas Dies At Age 47. You Probably Haven't Heard Of Her And That's A Problem 


“Lucas was a nationally known disability rights attorney and a mother of four children, each of whom are adopted and living with disabilities. … Carrie Ann Lucas should be remembered and honored because of all the activism and changes she achieved despite societal and systematic discrimination that attempted to impede her every step of the way.” 


TEACHER VOICE: Coronavirus Doesn’t Discriminate — Let’s Separate the Myths From the Reality 

The Hechinger Report 

“Today across the globe, anti-Asian—and disproportionately anti-Chinese—racism and xenophobia are spreading rampantly across our classrooms. … As an Asian American, I know this behavior is not occurring in a vacuum.” 


The Revolutionary Practice of Black Feminism 

National Museum of African American History & Culture 

“For black women and other women of color, race and gender are inseparable, and black feminists resist all movements that ignore this reality. From women’s suffrage to the Women’s March of 2017, they have been unwilling to compromise on the assertion that a feminism which does not incorporate different experiences of womanhood cannot achieve full liberation.” 


South Carolina Law Banning LGBTQ Sex Ed Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules 

NBC News 

“South Carolina was one of a handful of states left with a so-called no promo homo law on the books, after similar laws were repealed in Arizona last year and in Utah in 2017. Advocates say that their success in the Palmetto State can be repeated in the remaining states with anti-LGBTQ curriculum laws: Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.”