What We’re Reading This Week: May 24, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Muslims of Early America 


“The truth is that the history of America is not primarily an Anglo-Protestant story, any more than the history of the West more broadly.” 


The Problem With the SAT’s Idea of Objectivity 

The Atlantic 

“The College Board is essentially trying to find a quantitative solution to the messy realities of entrenched privilege, realities that are only amplified by the very college-admissions system the board is hoping to improve. It’s a noble goal. … But these systems are only as good as the metrics that feed their calculations, and the people making them.” 


Next Step in Diversity Training: Teachers Learn to Face Their Unconscious Biases 

Education Week 

“Implicit bias and equity training [asks] teachers to critically examine how their own identities have shaped their experiences. And it proposes a call to action: What should we, as teachers, do about inequities?” 


Transgender Students, Athletics, Bullying: What the Equality Act Would Mean for Schools 

Education Week 

“Schools would be required to honor transgender students’ preferred pronouns, and names, and they would be required to protect them from bullying and harassment. They would also have to allow those students access to gender-segregated classes and activities.” 


How to Fly With Clipped Wings 

Julia Torres 

“Though we somehow passed through the flames of a school system that was not designed for us, and came through to the other side determined to make something better for us, by us—it has not been easy.”