What We’re Reading This Week: May 31, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

How School Segregation Affects Whether a Black Student Gets Labeled as Having a Disability 


“In Florida schools where almost all students are black or Hispanic, 13% of black students were classified as having a disability. Yet in schools where the vast majority of students were white, nearly 22% of black students get classified that way. It’s a striking divide, and one that researchers say probably shouldn’t exist.” 


Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming 

Education Week 

“The new technologies have yielded just a few anecdotal reports of thwarted school violence, the details of which are often difficult to pin down. But they’ve also shone a huge new spotlight on the problems of suicide and self-harm among the nation’s children. And they’ve created a vast new legal and ethical gray area, which harried school administrators are mostly left to navigate on their own.” 


The Fight Is Still Happening for the Rest of Us 

The New York Times 

“He told me I had to pick:  Be Native, or be queer. I didn’t want to pick.” 


For Some, School Integration Was More Tragedy Than Fairy Tale 

“[T]hose in the second wave of integration pioneers likely have more horrible stories than those who went first—if only because the second group didn’t get the same amount of attention from the media or law enforcement.” 


Sikh School Bus Driver Reported Years of Harassment Over His Turban and Beard 

The Washington Post 

“Sikhs in America are hundreds of times more likely than the average American to experience bias. Many are targeted because of their skin color, turbans, uncut hair and religious faith; some, including Singh, also are immigrants.”