What We’re Reading This Week: September 13

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Why We Are Still Failing LGBTQ Students 


“Intentional LGBTQ inclusion will require tearing down the misconceptions around what it means to support queer students.”


New Orleans Program Aims to Create More Pathways to Classrooms for Black Teachers, Especially Men

“Nationally, there are a growing number of efforts to create more pathways to the classroom for black teachers. Black teachers are only about 7% of the nation's public-school teaching force, while the U.S. student population is about 14% black. Black men make up less than 2% of teachers.”


Names That Are Unfamiliar to You Aren’t “Hard,” They’re “Unpracticed”

Teen Vogue

“I feel the weight of others passing their inability to learn my name onto me like a heavy stone. On it is an inscription that says, ‘Your problem, not mine,’ and I have grown exhausted from the message. It’s time to change the conversation around ‘difficult’ names, and to explore our accountability for learning the names of those around us.”


Lock-Ins and Walkouts: The Students Changing City Schools from the Inside

The New York Times

“But recently, the most prominent—and sometimes most effective—movements for change in the nation's largest school system have been created and fueled by those with the most at stake.”


The Changing Face of School Integration

The Washington Post

“[Small towns and suburbs], The Post found, are far more likely to have schools that mirror the new diversity of their communities than their big-city counterparts, which have long been home to a diverse population but have run schools that are profoundly segregated.”

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