What We’re Reading This Week: September 14, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

How 50 Years of Latino Studies Shaped History Education  

The Atlantic 

“Research has shown that taking just one Latino or Chicano studies course can ‘significantly’ improve Chicano students’ self-image, improve first-generation Latino students’ sense of feeling community on campus, or increase their academic engagement.” 


The Other Side of School Safety: Students Are Getting Tasered and Beaten by Police 

Huffington Post 

“Civil rights activists say there’s another negative side to this police presence, once which puts students like Jones – young and impulsive, acting on frivolous teenage passions – in danger of police brutality and criminal charges.” 


In U.S. Open Victory, Naomi Osaka Pushes Japan to Redefine Japanese 

The New York Times 

“We live in a world where people have a limited view on nationality and race and ethnicity and say that you can only be one, you can’t be more. I think Naomi Osaka really presents a very interesting challenge for people who are still attached to these antiquated ideas that you can only be one.” 


Separated for 51 Days, a Reunited Migrant Family Starts a New Life in Oregon 

The New York Times 

“The reality is, we have students here who are concerned on a daily basis about what could happen to their families. We try to make the school a safe haven.” 


Students Are Waging War on Sexist and Racist School Dress Codes — and They’re Winning 


“More and more schools are listening to these protests, adopting guidelines that reflect a new understanding of what constitutes ‘appropriate’ student dress.”