What We're Reading This Week: September 8

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

The Weighted Task of Pre-K Teaching

The Atlantic

“The question, though, is what it really means to be ready. Is knowing how to count to 100 and identify vowels enough to set a 4-year-old on a path to educational success?”


Ending “One Size Fits All” Programs for Social-Emotional Learning

The Hechinger Report

“Everyone needs social and emotional skills but how and when to use these skills differs based on your trauma.”


Betsy DeVos Says The Title IX System Has ‘Failed’ Both Survivors And The Accused

Huffington Post

“DeVos’ announcement doesn’t come as a surprise to many advocacy groups who have had concerns about the Secretary of Education’s views on Title IX since she was confirmed in February.”


The Resegregation of Jefferson County

The New York Times

“School secessions, at least in the South, trace their roots to the arsenal of tools that white communities deployed to resist the desegregation mandate of the Brown ruling.”


‘The Way to Survive It Was to Make A’s’

The New York Times

“Bill and Marvin were part of a quiet but strategic experiment to instill in Southern white elites a value then broadly absent: a visceral and compelling belief in the societal benefits of integration.”


This Is Your Developing Brain on White Supremacy


“Also important: understanding better the perspectives of those segments of youth who feel disconnected, disrespected and threatened by social forces that they don’t control.”


The Pernicious Junk Science Stalking Trans Kids


“There is a significant backlash against them, one that seeks to demonize their parents, segregate them in schools, and deny the legitimacy of their identities—all based on research that can most generously be described as imprecise.”


I’m a ‘Dreamer.’ One Day, I Hope My Country Calls Me an American.

The Washington Post

“But it wasn’t just that we were hesitant to return to Pakistan, it was that my parents, my sister and I quickly came to think of America as our home, and ourselves as Americans.”