Mix It Up

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is an international campaign that encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. Schools can register to host a Mix It Up event on any day of the year!

Students consistently identify the cafeteria as a place in their school where divisions are clearly—and harshly—drawn. So we ask students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new over lunch. It’s a simple act with profound implications that we encourage educators to include in year-round efforts to promote healthy, welcoming school environments. Studies have shown that interactions across group lines can help reduce prejudice. When students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misperceptions can fall away.

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Mix It Up News

What Is “Mix It Up at Lunch”?

Mix It Up at Lunch is a simple call to action for students of all grades: Sit next to someone new in the cafeteria.

Mix It Up at Lunch: Not Just for Kids!

This year, nearly 50 institutions of higher education hosted Mix It Up events on their campuses.

Mix It Up Year Round: Break Down the Walls of Intolerance

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is right around the corner. It's time for you and your students to start putting all you've learned into action!

Unity in the Community

When five schools in an Illinois school district came together for a community event, everyone involved experienced the power of working together for the common good.

You Did It! Now Mix It Up!

Pause. Look Around. Notice the positive changes you’ve created.

Mix It Up Year Round: Help Students Move Beyond “Us vs. Them”

In this activity, you’ll walk students through a reflection on the ways social borders divide your school—and how they can work together to unite their school community.

Mix It Up Year Round: Solving Clique Problems Together

In this week’s activity, we’ll take the conversation a step further by considering how to strengthen relationships in spite of cliques—and have students take the lead.

Mix It Up Year Round: It’s Not Just Our Similarities That Connect Us

Sometimes students think their similarities are the only things that bind a class—or a school—together. Here’s how to show them there’s more.

Mix It Up Year Round: What Divides Students at Your School?

Deploy your students’ toolbox of empathy to probe deeper into the meanings of acceptance and difference.