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Is Your Collection Complete? What The Little Mermaid Can Teach Us About Class Libraries & Curricula

As fans celebrate the announcement that the newest live-action Disney film will feature a black actor in the lead role, we are yet again reminded of the importance of representation. This summer, we hope you’ll reflect on your own practice and check out these resources to ensure all students are reflected in your classroom and curriculum.

Holocaust Denial Isn’t Neutral

News of a Florida principal’s refusal to expand mandatory Holocaust education because he must remain “politically neutral” has been met with disbelief and anger. But it’s just an extreme example of a concern we hear all the time: Accusations of partisanship are used to pressure educators into silence on topics that matter. These resources are reminders that not every story has two sides—and it’s educators’ job to teach students the truth.

July 4th: Celebrating Liberty for Whom?

The Fourth of July is a quintessentially American holiday, but the celebrated right to liberty has never applied to every American. These resources can help you consider how July 4th fits into the complex relationship between the United States and its citizens of color and how you can bring this history and an important message to your diverse classrooms: There is no template for Americanness, and there never should have been.

Stonewall at 50

June 28th marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, when a diverse group of LGBTQ people fought back against a police raid. These resources can help you understand where this event fits on the timeline of LGBTQ history, why it matters and how you can bring the story to your classroom any time of year.

Advocating for Undocumented Youth

With conditions at detention centers and plans for more ICE raids in the news, it’s easy to feel hopeless. But, as educators, you have more power than you may realize. These resources outline practical steps you can take today to interrupt the school-to-deportation pipeline and support undocumented students and their families.