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65 Years After 'Brown v. Board'

This Friday marks the 65th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregated schools. These resources serve as a reminder of the brave first steps 9-year-old Linda Brown took, and of the distance we still have to go.

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we're sharing resources for destigmatizing conversations about this critical topic. We hope you'll read, share and use them to make your classroom, school and district safe and inclusive for all students.

Mix It Up at Lunch Day 2019

Today, registration opens for Mix It Up at Lunch Day 2019! On October 22, more than a million students will mix it up in a first step toward reducing prejudice and bias. If your school already participates in Mix, these resources can help you plan an even better event this year. If not, they'll help you start a tradition that will shape your school culture for years to come!

The Reality of Hate at School

Today, we release our report on hate and bias in U.S. schools. Learn more about how divisive and harmful behavior affects students and educators across the nation, review best practices for creating and supporting an inclusive school climate, and find out what non-educators can do to advocate for schools where all students can thrive.

Discussing Hate and Violence With Students

This weekend’s antisemitic attack in California and shootings in Tennessee and Maryland have left communities across the United States reeling. No matter where you live, your students may be feeling fear, anxiety or even trauma. These resources will help you support students, fight antisemitic hate and stand against gun violence.