Hoyt is the manager of teaching and learning at Teaching Tolerance. Before joining TT, he taught reading and social studies at a nationally recognized leadership elementary magnet school. He has extensive experience working with a statewide nonprofit designing and facilitating leadership and social justice experiential programming for K-12 students and staff. He enjoys exploring the intersection of equity and inclusion work with his passion for yoga and meditation.

Articles by Hoyt

Ban? No, Teach the Topics.

Gender, sexuality and religion are common themes in challenged books of 2015. Rather than effectively ban these topics from the classroom, TT recommends teaching about them and offers student texts to do so.

Breaking My Silence About 9/11 in Class

When TT’s manager for teaching and learning—then a fifth-grade teacher—shared his personal story about the 9/11 attacks with his students, a fascinating, in-depth conversation about narrative writing occurred.

Bursting the White Privilege Bubble

When this TT staffer first realized his white privilege, he began a journey to understand how it worked in his life. Then he decided to do something about it.