Jamilah Pitts is the dean of students at a charter school in Harlem, as well as the founder of Ms.PittsConsults, which focuses on providing anti-racist, culturally responsive and social justice education workshops for educators.

Jamilah holds a bachelor of arts degree from Spelman College and a master’s degree of education from Boston College.  

Articles by Jamilah

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This educator explains why she left teaching—and some common reasons why so many other urban teachers of color leave too.

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This Teacher Appreciation Week, educator Jamilah Pitts shares some love for you, her fellow teachers.

Black History Month Teaching: Miseducation or Empowerment?

This high school English teacher encourages fellow teachers to re-approach their black history instruction to focus on African Americans' contributions to the United States, with the Harlem Renaissance as a way to begin.

Why I Will Not Be Teaching About Charlottesville

After Charlottesville, this black teacher of black and brown students knew that her kids would not want another lesson about bigotry and racism. Here’s what she did instead.

Bringing Black Lives Matter Into the Classroom | Part II

Educator Jamilah Pitts introduces ways to discuss Black Lives Matter across all grade levels.