Jamilah Pitts is a teacher of English literature at an international school in the Dominican Republic. Before pursuing international teaching, she worked as a founding teacher in a charter school in Boston, where she created a mentoring program for young girls. Jamilah has held a number of positions in the field of education, ranging from educational policy to working with pre-kindergarten children developing their literacy skills. She has also taught in Beijing, China, and has traveled to over 10 countries. Jamilah sees education as her life’s work and calling and truly believes that education should be an avenue through which empathy, healing and justice are promoted. She threads her passion for human rights into her teaching, writing, scholarship and dance.  

Jamilah holds a bachelor of arts degree from Spelman College and a master’s degree of education from Boston College.  

Articles by Jamilah

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All educators have the civic responsibility to learn and teach the basic history and tenets of this movement for racial justice.