Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 54, Fall 2016

Cover art by Nigel Buchanan

Teach the 2016 Election!

Teaching elections in our polarized political environment can be a difficult—and daunting—task for many educators. That’s why the Fall 2016 issue highlights practical concerns about bringing politics into the classroom. Equipped with key resources and a strategy that emphasizes civil discourse and respect for differences, you can engage your students and teach about ideological perspectives, even during the most contentious campaigns.

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No Time Off

At the end of the school day, many kids carry responsibilities far beyond homework.
Maya Lindberg
Illustration by Rob Dobi

One Hundred Years in the Making

Get to Know the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Monita K. Bell
All images courtesy of the National Museum of African American History & Culture

If It Can Happen Here...

When election rhetoric threatened their district culture, this group of California teachers organized a “Teach In.”
Jey Ehrenhalt
Photography by Shoey Sindel

Rock the Vote

The organization clearly has great brand recognition, but what does it really mean to “Rock the Vote”?
Adrienne van der Valk

Teach 2016

You want to teach about the election, but there's a lot of hostility and tension getting in the way. Here's your quick guide to surviving the weeks leading up to November 8.
2015-17 Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board
Illustration by Nigel Buchanan

Burning 'Brown' to the Ground

Carol Anderson explains how, in many Southern states, Brown v. Board of Education fueled decades of resistance to school integration.
Carol Anderson
Illustration by Daniel Zender

Don't Say Nothing

Silence speaks volumes. Our students are listening.
Jamilah Pitts
Illustration by Alex Williamson

Native Voices, Native Votes

The country's first inhabitants are the least likely to vote in national elections. Why?
Dave Constantin
Illustration by Jennifer Maravillas

Pathways to Adulthood

Dare to dream big about what senior year could be.
Jeremy Knoll
Illustration by Richard Mia

And the Winners Are...

Meet the recipients of the 2016 Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching.
Joanna Williams
Photography by Todd Bigelow, Dan Chung & Arsenal Mediaworks


Letters to the Editor

You Spoke, We Listened

Looking ahead to the 2016-17 school year—and the election—got many readers thinking and talking!
Ask Teaching Tolerance

Advice From the Experts

Illustration by Craig & Karl Q: Our school is very divided about where transgender students should change their clothes and use the restroom. I want to be on the right side of history, but I feel like we’re not ready. He
Why I Teach

The Letters

What keeps Michelle Spathelf in the classroom? Giving truant teenagers—and their families—hope.
Down the Hall

Bridge Builder

Superintendent Heidi Sipe is committed to building the bridges students need to follow their dreams.
Staff Picks

What We're Reading

Our book reviews can help you keep your practice fresh and informed.
Staff Picks

What We're Watching

Dim the lights and get ready to learn with these TT-approved films!
Story Corner

Be A Good Boy

In 1920, Tennessee lawmaker Harry Burn followed his mother’s advice on a controversial vote—and changed voting rights history.
John Micklos Jr.
One World

Langston Hughes

Download and post this inspiring quote in your classroom.