Reading for Social Justice

The Reading for Social Justice workbook is designed to guide a committee, made up of educators and family members, in planning and leading an intergenerational social justice reading group. Section by section, you’ll follow practical recommendations for establishing a framework, inviting student input, and organizing a series of meetings during which children and adults in your community read, talk, teach and learn together.

Families and educators share the important task of helping children develop the skills they need to thrive in a diverse democracy. These include: how to speak and listen to one another; how to share and to hear stories and ideas; and how to recognize the value in our differing experiences. The true spirit of this work also requires the flip side of this: for educators and families to hear students’ stories and to learn about the world as children observe it.  

One way to do this effectively is to meet and explore the ways we differ and what we have in common. These interactions reinforce—for all involved—how we can honor and share our identities, understand and celebrate our diversity, recognize injustice and act together to address it.

We hope you'll find the guide useful and that you'll take the time to fill out the evaluation so we can continue to improve it.