Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 17, Spring 2000

Cover art by Patrice Avon Marvin

From the Archive

Teaching Tolerance—an award-winning magazine dating back to 1991—has reached millions of educators and countless classrooms over the years.

These stories reflect nearly three decades of educating for a diverse democracy and an ever-evolving quest to ensure every child has an equitable school experience.

Issues have come and gone, but one thing remains the same: Educators, students and school leaders continue to inspire us and each other with their innovation, resourcefulness and passion.

Enjoy this glimpse into our past, which informs our present. And be sure to spend some time with our more current issues.

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Tipi Technology

Student teachers in Washington state experiment with multicultural science
Jeri Buckley

The Emotion Map

A Connecticut teacher helps teens navigate the landscape of feelings
Karen Bovard

No Place for Bigotry

An anti-bias club changes the atmosphere at a suburban high school
Kathleen Collins

A Sense of Wonder

Young philosophers in San Francisco ponder age-old questions
Christopher Phillips

Finding My Stride

A gay student takes the bold step of being true to himself
Brian Elliot

Survey Says?

Teaching Tolerance asks educators about the social climate of their classrooms
Jennifer Holladay



Believe and Let Believe

The editor of Teaching Tolerance writes on critics' objections to the magazine's treatment of gay and lesbian issues