Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 33, Spring 2008

Cover art by Jerome Lagarrigue

The Dream Deferred

The Spring 2008 issue coincides with the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights legend in his own right, reflects on the man he knew, as well as the movement and the legacy of Dr. King’s ideals.

In remembrance of King’s dream—a wish that all children be judged by the content of their character—stories in this issue promote equity and understanding. From serving refugees to migrant students to children with ADHD, we explore creative ways in which school communities can welcome and nurture all students.

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Art Makes All Things Better

In Tucson, guest artists help refugee students connect throughout the learning process.
Kimi Eisele
Photography by Ron Newkirk

Does My Town Have a Racist Past?

How students can convert the shameful history of sundown towns in America into a rich opportunity for setting the record straight
James W. Loewen
Illustration by Tonya Engel

Opening Doors on the Border

Innovative programs for migrant students prove the payoff of making parents partners in classroom learning.
Jacob Wheeler
Photography by Lisa Krantz

Making Numbers Count

How social justice math can help students transform people, politics and communities
Deandrea Murrey
Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan

Peeling Back the Labels

A child's ADHD diagnosis raises one parent's concerns about the stereotypes that too often surround the disorder.
Dana Williams
Photography by GETTY


Story Corner

The Fighting Mynahs

A story from Hawaii about how it's better to share and cooperate than to squabble and fight
Leslie Ann Hayashi