Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 43, Spring 2013

Cover art by Chris Buzelli

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

For some K–12 students—particularly students of color—classrooms are not places for learning but places that push them out of school and into the criminal justice system.

The cover story of the Spring 2013 issue examines how educators can recognize and dismantle policies and practices that favor incarceration over education. A related feature story explains how classroom teachers’ daily decisions can divert students from the school-to-prison pipeline.

Other critical topics addressed in this Spring issue include prejudicial beliefs against dialects other than Standard English and the separation of church and state in school athletics.

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No School Like Freedom School

Based on the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools, modern-day programs educate and empower students.
Lisa Ann Williamson
Photography by Thomas C. Perkins Jr.

Sound Effects

Challenging Language Prejudice in the Classroom
Walt Wolfram
Illustration by Anne Wilson

Found in Translation

Best Practices // Engaging Limited English Proficient Students and Families
Illustration by Lincoln Agnew

The Value of Community

Affordable ways to build positive school climate.
Warren Hynes
Illustration by Michelle Leland

Move to the Music

Protest Songs in the Classroom
Alice Pettway
Illustration by Sol Linero

Mimi's Moms

Creating welcoming classrooms for young children of LGBT families.
Carrie Kilman
Illustration by Steve Adams

Buttoned Down

Are school uniform policies a perfect fit for all students?
Maggie Messitt
Illustration by Zachariah Ohora

And the WINNERS are …

The 2012 Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Culturally Responsive Teaching
Photography by Todd Bigelow and Dan Chung


Letters to the Editor

You Spoke, We Listened

Reader Exchange "Yoga in Schools" got the online community talking. I think all of my students ... would benefit from a little breathing and stretching. I can only imagine what a positive effect it would have on my anxio
Staff Picks

What We’re Reading

The latest in culturally aware literature and resources for teachers of all grades
Story Corner

Two Pairs of Shoes

When Maggie receives two pairs of shoes for her birthday, she must learn to walk between two cultures.
Esther Sanderson
One World

Indira Ghandi

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