Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 46, Spring 2014

Illustration by Aude van Ryn

Drowning in Debt

Predatory lending that targets student of color. Social media tactics that shame young women online. Restraint and seclusion techniques that traumatize students with disabilities. These are just a few of the hard-hitting issues covered in this issue of Teaching Tolerance.

Look for more feature stories on the value of comparative religion courses, supporting LGBT athletes, traveling with students and more! As usual, this issue is also packed with facts, tips, classroom resources and suggested reading for all ages.

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Cyberbullying happens in code. Break it.
Maggie Messitt
Illustration by Bernard Maisner


Slavery is a tough subject. These tips will help you teach it well.
Michele Israel

In Good Faith

Teach students to value religious diversity—yes, it’s OK in public schools!
Alice Pettway
Illustration by Anita Kunz

Cruel and Unusual

When crisis management techniques like restraint and seclusion become daily practice, kids get hurt.
Marilyn Elias
Illustration by Anna and Elena Balbusso

In Bounds

Athletic programs don’t have to be a nightmare for LGBT students. Coaches are the key.
Margarita Bauzá Wagerson
Illustration by Mark Smith

The Gentle Catalyst

Afraid to teach about privilege? Three teachers show how it’s done.
Ashley Lauren Samsa

Picture Imperfect

How diverse is your classroom library?
Angela P. Dodson
Illustration by Byron Eggenschwiler

Hit the Road

Whether close to home or far away, hands-on experience brings history to life.
Brian Willoughby


Letters to the Editor

You Spoke, We Listened

Reader Exchange “Out At Last” from the Summer 2013 issue sparked discussion online. Though I’m an LGBT teacher, I do think that there are professional boundaries and my love life isn’t relevant to my student’s instructio
Ask Teaching Tolerance

Advice From the Experts

Illustration by Daniel Fishel Q: I’m a veteran African-American teacher in a Southern town. Parents feel that I should not teach during Black History Month about how the country used to (and still does) practice racial i
Why I Teach

The Visibility Factor

Jeanie Greenidge felt invisible as a child. Now she’s helping make sure every student is seen.
Staff Picks

What We’re Reading

The Teaching Tolerance staff reviews the latest in culturally aware literature and resources, offering the best picks for professional development and teachers of all grades.
Story Corner

Z and Vielpunkt

Two male penguins finally get the egg they’ve been hoping for—based on a true story!
Tamera Bryant
One World

Desmond Tutu

Download and post this inspiring quote in your classroom.