Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 52, Spring 2016

Cover art by Peter Horjus

Let's Talk Tech!

The Spring 2016 issue has something for every K–12 educator, whether you work in a classroom, office, library or in the community.

Are you a history buff? Don’t miss our stories on the history of public and private school attendance patterns. Passionate about equity? The cover story offers steps for becoming an “equity designer” when it comes to using technology in the classroom. Do you work with elementary-age children? Learn how a Buddy Bench can encourage empathy and how explicitly teaching compassion can improve students’ academic achievement.

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Begin Within

Prepare yourself to discuss race, racism and other difficult topics with students.
Illustration by Kyle Stecker

Shifting Out of Neutral

A history teacher leaves the struggle for objectivity behind.
Jonathan Gold
Illustration by Mitch Blunt

Questioning Payne

She’s popular, but is she right? TT examines Dr. Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty.
Adrienne van der Valk
Illustration by Jim Tsinganos

“Own Your Voice”

Journalist and educator Maria Hinojosa has a lot to say about how to elevate student voices.
Adrienne van der Valk
Photography by Karsten Moran

Cracking the Code

Why are there so few girls in computer science? And how can we change that?
Alice Pettway
Illustration by Katy Lemay

The Ripple Effect

Meet the people behind YCteen, a youth-written magazine inspiring educators throughout New York City.
Maya Lindberg
Photography by Lowell Handler

Segregation Forever?

School enrollment patterns in the Deep South are no coincidence.
Robert L. Reece
Photos via Corbis Images

Closed for Business

What happens to students when community schools close their doors?
Sean McCollum
Illustration by Eva Vázquez

Empathy for the 'A'

Teaching students to care isn’t just good for classroom culture—it’s good for learning.
Dr. Ruth Wilson
Illustration by Shaw Nielsen

Wanted: Playground Buddy

A Buddy Bench can make recess more inclusive—and more fun!
Rebecca VanderMeulen
Illustration by Kate Sutton


Letters to the Editor

You Spoke, We Listened

Our recent film, PD guide and magazine issues inspired an unprecedented amount of dialogue with readers.
Ask Teaching Tolerance

Advice From the Experts

Illustration by LA Johnson Q: Recently I have seen references to the term “hidden curriculum”? What is a hidden curriculum? Broadly, the phrase hidden curriculum refers to the lessons that students learn in schools that
Staff Picks

What We're Reading

Teaching Tolerance loves to read! Check out a few of our favorite diverse books for diverse readers and educators.
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What We're Watching

Dim the lights and get ready to learn with these TT-approved films!
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