Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 25, Spring 2004

Cover art by Brian Cronin

50 Years Later: 'Brown v. Board'

On the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, Teaching Tolerance presents a special classroom section on the subject of school segregation, past and present.

What did Brown v. Board mean for the United States? Has the country relapsed into separate, unequal schooling? Can the anniversary reawaken the spirit that fueled the civil rights movement? This issue explores those questions—and more.

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True Blue

An American educator brings her anti-bullying program to South African schools.
Christine Mattise
Illustration by Missy Via

Raise the Bar

A juvenile facility in Detroit focuses on development, not detention.
Dana Williams
Illustration by Whitney Sherman

Brown Is...

Complete interviews with 14 Americans about the legacy and impact of Brown v. Board.
Cynthia Pon