Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 56, Summer 2017

Cover art by Michael Marsicano

Walking Undocumented

Our most vulnerable students often have to stand up for themselves, but they need you to stand with them. The cover feature for our Summer issue illustrates this point through the story of Wildin Acosta, an undocumented student who may never have graduated if his peers and teachers hadn't rallied for his release from an ICE detention center. The issue also features the stories of Native families who speak candidly about what it's like to watch their children navigate school systems that erase American Indian identities, and a series of three powerful pieces about how to bring the Black Lives Matter movement into the classroom.

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A Matter of Life and Death

Two scholars make the case for teaching religious literacy.
Teaching Tolerance Staff
Photography by Dan Chung

Standing Up Against Hate

Educators have always had the responsibility to stand up to hate and bias—but it's more necessary now than ever.
Mica Pollock
Illustration by Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Countering the Narrative

How to turn “I’m not good at this” into “I’m not good at this—yet!”
Jason D. DeHart
Illustration by Mike Austin

A Case for Acculturation

It’s time to update the way we think—and talk—about immigrant students.
Jim Paterson
Illustration by John Jay Cabuay


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Advice From the Experts

Q: We have several out-of-state school trips planned, and some of our volunteer parents may be undocumented. We also have several students going on international enrichment trips this summer, and we know that even U.S. c
Teaching Tolerance Staff
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