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How do I get to know others and allow others to get to know all of me?
What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
What does it mean to feel good about myself and how can I express that I like who I am?
How can I be proud of who I am and celebrate others?

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Art For All! - Art and art practices. Being Studio Art, Art History, or any other forms of art is for all!

How does art impact the youth today? How can I as an art teacher, be able to help impact my students? How can I help shape their identity as a young artist? How do I give socially economically disadvantaged students the same tools as those who are not? How do I make diversity in art a factor? Where and when...

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What groups do I belong to?
What are my identities?
How do I know I’m part of a group?
How do I see myself? Is it the same way others see me?
What identities do I share with my family? What identities do I have that are different from my family?
How do people show that they are proud of...

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Exploring History through a Multicultural Lens

How can we celebrate what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
How does privilege shape the lives of individuals and groups?
What effect does injustice have on people and groups?
What is the difference between being treated unfairly by another person and receiving unequal treatment under the law?
How do bias and prejudice undermine equal rights?

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Reading & Language Arts
Social Justice Domains
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Tolarance and Social Justice

What groups do I belong to?
How do people show that they are proud of themselves?
Do all people have the same rights?
How am I the same as other people? How am I different from other people?
Are differences ok? How can differences be good in a classroom?