AVID: Identity, Diversity, and Justice

  • What are the effects of racism on individuals and society?
  • How can we celebrate what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
  • What can I do to fight prejudice and bias?
  • How are our identities today shaped by society?
  • Grade Level
    Digital Literacy
    Reading & Language Arts
    Social Studies
    ELL / ESL
    Math & Technology
    Science & Health
    Social Justice Domains

    Exploring Our Identities, Building Beloved Youth Community, Taking Action for Inclusion and Justice

  • What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
  • What has happened throughout history to people like me?
  • How do I get to know others and allow others to get to know all of me?
  • What does it mean to feel good about myself and how can I express that I like who I am?
  • How can I be proud of who I am and celebrate others?
  • What privileges do I have that others don’t?
  • How can I describe and compare my group identities with those of other people?
  • Can words about identity hurt people?
  • How can I ask people about their lives and experiences in a respectful, kind and understanding way?
  • Why is history important? Does it affect how people live today?
  • How can I live, work and play with others when we have differences?
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • How are we members of groups but also individuals?
  • What clues help me know when and how people are being treated unfairly?
  • What privileges are available for certain groups of people but not for others?
  • What contributions have people made to justice and fairness historically?
  • When is a person’s humanity denied?
  • What advantages or disadvantages do I notice because of identity groups?
  • How is my life easier or more difficult based on who I am and where I was born?
  • Grade Level

    Why is Ethnic Studies Important?

  • What makes us who we are?
  • How are people similar to and different from each other?
  • How are our identities today shaped by society?
  • What is the difference between feeling proud and feeling superior?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of living in a diverse society?
  • How can we make connections across our differences?
  • How can we celebrate what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
  • What does it mean to say there is strength in diversity?
  • Grade Level