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Contemporary Classics

How do our intersecting identities shape our perspectives and the way we experience the world?
What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
What has happened throughout history to people like me?
How do I get to know others and allow others to get to know all of me?
What does it mean to feel good about...

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Understanding Myself and the World Around Me

What makes us who we are?
Do the ways we identify ourselves change over time?
Do the ways we present our identities change depending on where we are or the people we are with?
What does it feel like to be belittled or criticized because of your identity?
What is the difference between feeling proud and feeling superior?
How are...

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Exploring the People and World Around Me

How are we members of groups but also individuals?
What clues help me know when and how people are being treated unfairly?
How is my life easier or more difficult based on who I am and where I was born?
What contributions have people made to justice and fairness historically?
Are stereotypes fair?

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Exploring Identity and Rights Across Cultural Eras

1. What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?
2. How could one person’s identity threaten another person’s rights?
3. How does struggle help define who we are?

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