Cory is a senior writer for Teaching Tolerance. He has experience in both the newsroom—as a former sports journalist—and the classroom, where he has provided reading intervention and tutoring for K–6 students from rural Kentucky to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Articles by Cory

Is There a #BBQBecky or #PermitPatty in Your Classroom?

The recent rash of viral stories featuring white people who call the cops on law-abiding black people is an iteration of implicit bias that happens in schools every day. It’s time for educators to self-reflect.

SPLC’s ‘Whose Heritage?’ Report: A Teaching Opportunity

Across the country, schools, monuments and statues pay homage to the Confederacy. A new report can help teach the history behind these public fixtures—and how they spread throughout the South and beyond.

Hate at School: April 2018

Unsafe school environments from coast to coast underscore the severity of the 38 school-based episodes of hate and bias we tracked during the month of April.

Toolkit for “The Opioid Crisis”

Students who experience trauma often exhibit behaviors we associate with defiance, indifference or attention-deficit disorders. This toolkit and additional resources can help us overcome those assumptions and respond to such behaviors in trauma-sensitive ways.

The Opioid Crisis

Addiction can suffocate a community—especially its youngest members. But schools that employ trauma-informed practices are giving childhood victims of the opioid epidemic a fighting chance.