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Toolkit for "Teaching Hard History"

"Can Words Lead to War?" is an Inquiry Design Model (IDM), one of six sample IDMs that accompany the Teaching Hard History project. This inquiry provides students with an opportunity to explore how words affect public opinion through an examination of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel 'Uncle Tom’s Cabin.'

Code of Conduct

This guide can be used to prompt individual self-reflection or to kick-start conversations among colleagues about beliefs and practices related to student misbehavior.

Do's and Don'ts of Celebrating MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an ideal time to reflect on the life and legacy of this great leader, but it's important to do it with care and nuance—and to keep the conversation going beyond January 15.

Toolkit for "Why Mendez Still Matters"

Mendez v. Westminster has gone largely unrecognized in history instruction. If it is mentioned at all, the case is often tagged as a precursor to the civil rights movement or as the Mexican-American version of Brown v.

Walkout Day

This teacher built a custom lesson plan to mark a day when thousands of students walked out of their schools in protest. Check it out—and build your own!

How to Balance Your Media Diet

The modern media circus makes for a good show, but is it good for you? Watch our video to help your students look beyond the news that is fed to them—and better feed themselves.

Tips for Testing Season

With testing comes a heightened sense of anxiety for many students and their teachers. Consider trying these survival tips to help your students feel less anxious and bring their best selves to testing days.