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Learning Hard History on the Road

Charlottesville residents took to the road this summer to learn how the past can help them construct a more just and peaceful present.

Teaching Tolerance 101: More than a Magazine

Perhaps you get our magazine and you’ve used our films. But Teaching Tolerance offers so much more! As a new school year starts, we review some of our favorite—and most popular—TT resources.

Who Decides What’s “Civil”?

When acts of protest are met with calls for civility, it’s a good idea to give students some historical context about the concept.

TT’s NEW LGBTQ Best Practices Guide

We’ve learned a lot in the last few years about what LGBTQ students need to thrive. This excerpt from our new guide offers insight into how even small policy adjustments can make a big difference in the lives of queer and nonbinary students.

The Religious Liberty Task Force Is More Sword Than Shield

On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the creation of a task force that—in the name of “religious liberty”—threatens to systemically oppress LGBTQ students. The time for educators to demonstrate their allyship is now.